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Meteorite Jewelry

An assortment of meteorite, dinosaur, and natural gemstone jewelry. Meteorite jewelry is hand-crafted by only the most talented and skilled designers and silversmiths, and each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Ask us about customization, layaway, and gift options!



Exquisite rings with etched inlays with dinosaur bone and/or iron meteorite. Each ring is custom created for you by one of the world’s leading meteorite jewelry specialists. Turnaround time is up to six weeks. All of our rings are 100% authentic and are presented in a beautiful display box.


Dress up or down —  wear these gems with a simple white shirt or to a black tie affair and allow these beautiful statement pieces to take center stage.


Wondering where to buy meteorite earrings? We have hand-made, one-of-a-kind meteorite jewelry that ships anywhere in the world. Express your love of meteorites, science, or all things space.×394.jpg


Adorn yourself with The Eclipse Series.

These creations are highlighted by authentic iron meteorites with a beautiful, geometric, lattice-like structure made up of two different nickel-iron alloys. Many are surprised to learn that iron is itself a crystal; we rarely see it in its crystalline form, however. In space the molten cores of asteroids cool very slowly, over millions of years; this allows the crystalline structure of iron to take shape. This is a feature unique to iron meteorites. Not only that, but each meteorite has its own, distinct pattern. In that sense, they are a bit like cosmic snowflakes.

Purchase with confidence and wear with pride – our matching sets of earrings and necklaces and our bolo bracelets are set in platinum over .925 sterling silver. Some of our jewelry is highlighted with deep, luscious red garnets.

The Eclipse Series — where luxury meets affordability.



Pure olivine is the gemstone peridot. Though incredibly rare, pallasites are rich in peridot, so we can call them “gemstones from space” with confidence.  Out of nearly 64,000 officially recognized meteorites, there are only 130 pallasites. Of those 130 pallasites, it was long believed that only one, Esquel found in Argentina in 1951, had unshocked crystals, until the exciting discovery very large masses of Admire in Kansas.

Crystals that are shocked have experienced a massive trauma in their past that results in the formation of many fractures — a bit like a crack in a windshield. In the case of pallasite crystals, that trauma probably took place on the parent body, millions of years ago. As such, shocked crystals do not lend themselves to faceting.

When prepared examples of Admire were taken to the Center for Meteorite Studies at ASU, Tempe, a remarkable discovery was made: the olivine (peridot) crystals did not have the expected shock features. After being soaked in acid baths, drained, washed, and sorted by hand, experts found that only about 1 in 100 of the resulting crystals were suitable for faceting.

To recap: 64,000 meteorites have produced only 130 pallasites, of which very few had unshocked crystals, and only one has sufficient availability. Further, out of end-product rough gems, a tiny 1% can be processed into finished gems. All of which makes Admire peridot space gems one of the rarest materials in existence. Emeralds seem commonplace in comparison.

The resulting Admire peridot has been studied by meteoriticists and gemologists and officially recognized as a new gemstone, with the name palladot.

The GIA has officially recognized the Admire peridot crystals as a unique gemstone, exhibiting features never before seen in extraterrestrial peridot.

Exceedingly rare and alluringly beautiful.


Meteorite watches are made-to-order and provide a timeless way to dream of the stars!


Choose from sterling silver, natural stone, interchangeable iron meteorite and impactite bracelets.


Create your own 100% custom jewelry piece and start with our genuine meteorite and impactite cabochons! Choose your own artist, or select from one of our experienced and trusted jewelers and silversmiths.


Tie clips and tie tacks feature unique materials such as dinosaur bone and meteorite on a back drop of silver. Pair them with cuff links to round off the look of your formal affair.