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Stone Meteorites For Sale

buy stone meteorites Old Camp Wash – classified by Aerolite Meteorites

Stones constitute the largest group of meteorites. They originated in the outer crust of a planet or asteroid. Recently-fallen stone meteorites are covered by a thin, black rind known as fusion crust, which forms as the rock’s surface is burned during flight. Fusion crust is fragile and deteriorates easily, so stone meteorites that have been on the surface of our planet for a long time have a similar appearance to Earth rocks. Visible inside most stone meteorites are tiny, glassy, spheres known as chondrules. Forged at the very dawn of the solar system, these chondrules are far older than our own planet. Some stone meteorites, known as carbonaceous chondrites, have been found to contain water, salt, and even amino acids. In the distant past, these meteorites may have carried the very building blocks of life to Earth.

For those looking to buy stone meteorites, our catalog of available pieces is presented here in alphabetical order. Click on any image for additional photographs. All specimens are fully guaranteed and we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. Please contact us directly with questions.

Aba Panu

Aguas Zarcas

Al Haggounia


Allende Individuals

Allende Slices

Belle Plaine


Camel Donga


Chelyabinsk Individuals


Clarendon (c)

DaG 521

Dalgety Downs

Dar El Kahal

El Boludo

El Boludo Slices

El Tiro

Gold Basin

Gold Basin Fragments



Jiddat al Harasis 264

Labenne Sahara

Norton County

Nuevo Mercurio

NWA 10514

NWA 10688

NWA 11304

NWA 11917

NWA 12265

NWA 12322

NWA 12929

NWA 13917

NWA 4502

NWA 4799

NWA 5950

NWA 5950 End Cuts

NWA 5950 Individuals

NWA 5950 Slices

NWA 7040

NWA 7454

NWA 7454 Individuals

NWA 7457

NWA 7831

NWA 869

NWA 869 Individuals

NWA 869 Slices


NWA XXX Individuals

NWA XXX Slices

Oum Dreyga




Tassédet 004