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Television and Film

WE ARE TELEVISION’S METEORITE MEN! In addition to his work with meteorites, Aerolite Meteorites founder and CEO, Geoff Notkin, is an accomplished film and television professional. He starred in three seasons of Science Channel’s internationally-acclaimed adventure series, Meteorite Men, along with his friend and hunting partner, Steve Arnold. The popular series won two Telly Awards, built a devoted international audience, has been seen by tens of millions of people worldwide, and inspired numerous other television shows — both fictional and non-fictional. Meteorite Men sparked a surge in global interest around meteorites and meteorite collecting that resulted in many new scientific discoveries.

Geoff received two more Telly Awards and two Emmy Awards for his work as host and executive producer of the educational series, STEM Journals. He is executive producer of the documentary films Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously, and First to the Moon: The Apollo 8 Story. He served as producer, art director, and music supervisor for the feature film Revenge of Zoe and as associate producer on Philip K. Dick’s Radio Free Albemuth.

Geoff has guest-starred in numerous other television shows including The Best Places to Find Cash and Treasures with Becky Worley, Globe Trekker with Justine Shapiro, Wired Science, American Chopper, Ancient Aliens, Shipping Wars, Nat Geo’s Our Atmosphere, Cosmic Collisions for Discovery Channel, and How the Earth was Made for History Channel. He has been interviewed by The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Universe Today, Robb Report and appeared on Coast to Coast, NASA TV, and the CBS Today show. He is a TEDx speaker, an Edinburgh Fringe Festival performer, sits on the Board of Governors of the National Space Society, and the asteroid 132904 was officially named “Notkin” by the Minor Planet Center in recognition of his contributions to science, education, and the arts.

Meteorite Men with tractor The Meteorite Men with a massive 273-lb space rock discoveryMeteorite Men ran for three seasons and twenty-three, one-hour episodes. It aired on Science Channel and Discovery in the United States, Discovery Science in Canada and the UK, DMAX in Germany, and on numerous other networks around the globe. To learn more, visit the official Meteorite Men website or connect with Meteorite Men Facebook and Meteorite Men Twitter.